You the Best Solution For You & Your Dog.

From basic obedience to any and all aggression problems, Bob Smith K9, trains all dogs in three phases:


We train dogs to be socialized with family members within your household.


People that visit your home or strangers that are just walking by as you're walking you're dog.


We socialize your dog with other domestic animals. Such as your cat, dogs and other farm animals in your home.

"No dog will be left behind!"


1 Session - $100.00

Basic Obedience

16 Sessions - Price Varies

Advanced Obedience

20 sessions - price varies

Advance obedience & Protection Training

20 sessions - price varies

Domestic Animal Socialization Training

1 session - price varies

Emotional Support
Companion Service Dog


Specializing in Canine Socialization & Behavior Modification for over 47+ years.